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RPI works with employers of all sizes to find individual solutions to the problems modern companies face.

The numbers tell the story

Cost Savings

Save thousands of dollars per covered person.

Faster Recovery

Employees miss less work and are more productive.

Fewer Injuries

RPI Clients see a 70% reduction in workplace injuries.

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How do we do it?

Every company is different, and our process reflects that. We provide the services that will drive outcomes in the KPIs that matter to you. Your company is unique and your health solutions should be too. Check out the cases below for an example of two very different companies:

Case #1

Employer Description
1,000 employees 

Auto Parts Manufacturer


  • MSK Care Costs – particularly rotator
    cuff injuries
  • Recordable Injuries


  • Reduce Cost and Frequency of
    Recordable Injuries
  • Lower Cost of MSK Care

What did we do about it?

Our first step was to identify the lines and jobs where employees were getting hurt at work. We analyzed those jobs and developed customized post-offer employment tests to ensure the employees in those roles were physically capable of doing the required work.

The Result – 500 days without a recordable workplace injury

Concurrently, we rolled out an on-site early symptom intervention service. Employees came to see us as soon as they felt the first signs of musculoskeletal pain.

The Result – Prevented 20 MRIs and 6 shoulder surgeries – a savings of $195,550 on shoulder injuries alone.

Why some workplace health programs don't work.

Changing health behaviors isn’t easy for people. Most incentive-laden plans fail because our relationship with our own health is complicated. Improving health requires us to make small, incremental changes to our habits. That change requires us to be vulnerable and connect with the real reasons we have for wanting to be healthy. Once enough people hop on board, you will see a tipping point where others believe they can achieve the same results and feel as good as their peers.

Case #2

Employer Description
100 employees

Consulting Firm

Manufacturer Challenges:

  • Overall Healthcare Costs – Neck/Back
    Pain and Cardiometabolic Issues
  • Decreased Productivity


  • Reduce Cost of Self-Insured Health Services
  • Improve Productivity

What did we do about it?

Our first step was to identify key influencers of behavioral change on the team. We met with those individuals and discussed barriers they faced to improving their health, the goals they had, and what their motivations were to improve their health.

We intervened on an individual level with each employee who wanted to improve their health. As we achieved individual buy-in, we began to make additional changes:

The Result – A 26% reduction in MSK care costs and a 5%
increase in productivity. More importantly, a workplace culture
where people value their health was developed.

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