Adventure Racing? What’s that? Part 3- Race Reflection

A group of males racing

­­Well the race is over and oh, what a race it was!  No Sleep Adventures truly never disappoints.  Every year they put together a challenging and fun course.   Overall there were a total of 35 checkpoints and 5 transition areas.  They had an extremely competitive field of racers this year with eleven teams clearing the […]

Adventure Racing? Whats that? Part 2- Training

A group of males kayaking

Now that you have a little background on adventure racing, lets talk training. One thing I love about this type of racing is, like a triathlon, you have multiple disciplines to keep you busy, and you can mix it up.  Most adventure racers focus on mountain biking because this is what you do for the […]

Adventure racing? What’s that? Part 1

Male rock climbing

“Adventure racing?  What’s that?”  This is the basic response I hear almost every time I mention adventure racing.  For such a fun, competitive, and unique activity, far too few people know about this great sport.  The quick response I usually give is “it’s like a big scavenger hunt for adults”.  If this has your attention, […]

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