Are You Breathing? No, the Right Way.

A woman doing exercises

Are you breathing? No, the right way.  One of my New Year’s resolutions this year was to put as much effort into improving my breathing as I do into improving my health through exercise and trying to eat right… two months without soda, and I’ve only fallen off the wagon in a couple of weak moments!  Breathing the right way has many […]

Training Anti-Extension

Male doing stretches

In the last post, we discussed what comprises our ‘core’ and its primary functions, ending with how I thought it would be more beneficial for athletes, both competitive and recreational, to train anti-extension and anti-rotation. This is important for a few reasons. A properly functioning core allows the rest of our body to move in […]

Defining Core Stability

A diagram of core stability

Core stability is a term that you may have heard before, it’s certainly becoming more popular in the same way that “functional movement”, “functional exercise” and “movement patterns” have become more popular in the past few years. The problem is that “core stability”, like the other terms I listed, is a little ambiguous; so, two […]

A Therapist’s Guide to Proper Shoe Selection

Running shoes

 “What’s a good shoe?”  As physical therapists treating patients returning to exercise following injury or currently dealing with foot and leg pain, this is a question we hear quite often.  Since I spent time working in a running-specialty shoe store, this is a question I’ve heard a lot over the years and will still frequently […]

My $200 Home Gym

Exercise equipment

I really enjoy endurance sports because they don’t require much equipment*   *Apart from the initial bike purchase. Followed by the second bike purchase  which is always an upgrade and then all of the cycling jerseys, a helmet,  sunglasses, shoes, a bike computer, an indoor trainer and a Zwift membership.” Like I said, you can just lace […]

Adventure Racing? What’s that? Part 3- Race Reflection

A group of males racing

­­Well the race is over and oh, what a race it was!  No Sleep Adventures truly never disappoints.  Every year they put together a challenging and fun course.   Overall there were a total of 35 checkpoints and 5 transition areas.  They had an extremely competitive field of racers this year with eleven teams clearing the […]

Adventure Racing? Whats that? Part 2- Training

A group of males kayaking

Now that you have a little background on adventure racing, lets talk training. One thing I love about this type of racing is, like a triathlon, you have multiple disciplines to keep you busy, and you can mix it up.  Most adventure racers focus on mountain biking because this is what you do for the […]

Adventure racing? What’s that? Part 1

Male rock climbing

“Adventure racing?  What’s that?”  This is the basic response I hear almost every time I mention adventure racing.  For such a fun, competitive, and unique activity, far too few people know about this great sport.  The quick response I usually give is “it’s like a big scavenger hunt for adults”.  If this has your attention, […]

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