What is in a name?

We believe that healthcare in general can be better. We also believe that we can move from a sickness model of care to one that prevents injury and illness. Others run from the opportunity to make change, we will not. However, to make a change we need to look at how and why injury occurs. This has led us to our name Rehabilitation and Performance Institute.

Rehabilitation- This is most likely the traditional view of what physical therapy is. We are the provider that can help you return to your daily activities after an injury like a fall, a total knee replacement or shoulder surgery. We can help restore the movement patterns, the ability to use your arm to do work, the ability to get into a car and play with your kids or grand kids. These things are very important. We want to make sure that others know, we have the ability to help them recover and do it quickly and efficiently.

Performance- This comes from a different take on care. Can we prevent injury? Can we identify risk? Can we make the communities we serve healthier and more active? The answer is yes we can. We are the movement experts. Life is made up of movements. Below is a link to some one that can explain it better then I ever can:


Movement is a true center piece of the life span, and we know that we can have a positive effect on movement. This will allow us to help the patients, clients and communities we serve become healthier. A win for us all!

Institute- This comes from our desire to be an organization that is not flat. We value learning and we believe this enables us to be the best that we can be for our patients every day. We want to be sure that our staff is always learning, teaching, being involved in the community, and evolving to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

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