Your Elbow Isn’t Your Problem Part 3: It’s Your Spine!

Male doing stretching exercises

If you’ve stuck with me for the first two parts of this blog, you have probably started to pick up on the theme that everything in the body is connected and pain in one area doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the area that is at fault. If you haven’t, go back and read parts 1 and 2 so I don’t […]

How Do I Start Running Without Getting Injured?

Steps on how to run without getting injured

As the weather gets nicer and our patients get back to running or start running for the first time, many ask the best ways to prevent an injury. We love this question because we want everyone to be able to do what they love to do. Depending on what research you read, anywhere from ~25-75% […]

Your Elbow Isn’t Your Problem Part 2: It’s Your Shoulder!

Diagram of elbow movement

In the first part of this series, I talked about the concept of regional interdependence and that pain in one part of the body can usually be traced back to other parts of the body. With elbow pain, one of the common sources of this pain can be the shoulder. With any overhead athlete (i.e. Baseball, Softball, […]

Your Elbow Isn’t Your Problem—Part 1

Physical therapist with patient

The weather is getting warmer, and the days are getting longer, which can only mean one thing- spring is on its way. While I’m sure spring brings excitement to everyone for different reasons, the only acceptable reason to be excited about spring is baseball/softball season! With baseball and softball starting to ramp up, I thought it’d […]

How Did My Body End Up this Way?

Female child

“How did my body end up this way?” A question that I get asked on a daily basis. Even healthy people who put a lot of effort into their overall health and wellness continue to ask and struggle with this question. They wrestle with the fact that they have pain despite all of their efforts, […]

Age Does Not Determine Your Ability to Play a Pick-up Game

Male doing exercises

Age Does Not Determine Your Ability to Play a Pick-up Game Basketball.  It’s a way of life for many of us in the Tristate.  And with March Madness wrapping up this week, it has got me in the mood to play!  My love of the game started at a young age playing in our driveway.  […]

Aging Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain!

A group of older adults

Aging Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain Over the past couple of days, I have had multiple patients ask me if the pain that they are seeking physical therapy for is just supposed to be their “new normal” or if their expectations are too high for how they are supposed to feel at their age. […]

Are You Breathing? No, the Right Way.

A woman doing exercises

Are you breathing? No, the right way.  One of my New Year’s resolutions this year was to put as much effort into improving my breathing as I do into improving my health through exercise and trying to eat right… two months without soda, and I’ve only fallen off the wagon in a couple of weak moments!  Breathing the right way has many […]

Acupuncture vs Dry Needling

Male receiving dry needling

If you are anything like me, you set into panic as soon as you hear the word “needle”, or even worse, catch a glimpse of one. It never fails: every time I get blood drawn, I have to look away, take deep breaths, nervously wipe the sweat off my clammy hands, and talk about anything […]

What is the Ideal Body Type for Physical Therapy?

Woman sitting on bench

What image comes to mind when you hear the words, “physical therapy?” Is it a big gym with sweaty athletes heaving heavy weights, throwing back Gatorades, and running the length of the clinic faster than you can say, “CrossFit?” Maybe physical therapy is an episode of Grey’s Anatomy – a patient learning to walk again […]

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