Celebrate National Physical Therapy Month!

      October is a special month to me. I love the transition of the heat, to the cool days that we now enjoy. There is something special about the harvest. Seeing the ground transition from the green of summer to the orange and reds of fall. In addition to the seasonal changes and more importantly to me, October is National Physical Therapy Month!

        We, at RPI, take a lot of pride in what we do. I personally feel blessed to be part of the PT/PTA team that change people’s lives one person at a time. Rehabilitation & Performance Institute believes that we can change healthcare. Right now, the status quo is not good enough, and we believe that a change must occur.  So, let’s look at where we started and where we believe that physical therapy can go.

        Physical Therapy as a profession can trace its roots back to 1922. With the advent of the Polio epidemic and World War II. There was a need for services to help servicemen and general members of society perform at their optimal level of function. As time changed and we grew as a profession, we started to move towards treating patients in multiple environments, while focusing on movement. Today we able to treat patients throughout their life span, from birth until there final days, to ease pain in hospice settings. This video shows Terrence M. Nordstrom, PT, EdD from California talking about how we effect movement. 


        We at RPI love the opportunity to treat patients, help them achieve their goals of returning to work, returning to life, returning to sports. Most importantly, we are able to provide services that are noninvasive, drug free, and focused on the individual that we are treating in front of us. That is how we will help move the profession of Physical Therapy forward, and change healthcare in our region.

        Even more than I enjoy watching the seasonal changes occur, I love seeing the changes happening in the Physical Therapy profession. That is why I am always happy in October!

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