Why Losing Weight is Hard

Man weighing himself on scale

The holiday season is over. Typically, a time to get together and celebrate with friends and family. Our lives in 2020 looked a lot different, and many of us fell out of the good habits that we may have. Many of us were home way more than usual, our gyms closed, and our day-to-day lives […]

The Best Diet

Fruits and vegetables

Preface: I don’t really enjoy using the term ‘diet’ to describe how you are eating for a period of time; instead, we should try to think of the word ‘diet’ as an overall picture of how you eat all of the time. How someone eats can be influenced by a lot of different factors like […]

A Therapist’s Perspective On Living With Diabetes

Fruits with diabetes tool

November is one of my favorite months of the year. It’s the month of Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday), less than 5 weeks from Christmas, and 6 weeks from a new year. While this will be my 40th year of celebrating November, it will be my first year celebrating National Diabetes Awareness month as a new member […]

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