My $200 Home Gym

Exercise equipment

I really enjoy endurance sports because they don’t require much equipment*   *Apart from the initial bike purchase. Followed by the second bike purchase  which is always an upgrade and then all of the cycling jerseys, a helmet,  sunglasses, shoes, a bike computer, an indoor trainer and a Zwift membership.” Like I said, you can just lace […]

Adventure Racing? What’s that? Part 3- Race Reflection

A group of males racing

­­Well the race is over and oh, what a race it was!  No Sleep Adventures truly never disappoints.  Every year they put together a challenging and fun course.   Overall there were a total of 35 checkpoints and 5 transition areas.  They had an extremely competitive field of racers this year with eleven teams clearing the […]

Adventure Racing? Whats that? Part 2- Training

A group of males kayaking

Now that you have a little background on adventure racing, lets talk training. One thing I love about this type of racing is, like a triathlon, you have multiple disciplines to keep you busy, and you can mix it up.  Most adventure racers focus on mountain biking because this is what you do for the […]

Neck Pain: Exercises YOU can do to relieve pain.

Male patient receiving dry needling

 We all have slept on a couch or on a bed that wasn’t ours and awoke to a stiff neck for no reason. For most of us, we stretch, move around a bit, and in an hour or two life is good.  Now imagine neck pain being your normal every day.  Imagine waking up in […]

Adventure racing? What’s that? Part 1

Male rock climbing

“Adventure racing?  What’s that?”  This is the basic response I hear almost every time I mention adventure racing.  For such a fun, competitive, and unique activity, far too few people know about this great sport.  The quick response I usually give is “it’s like a big scavenger hunt for adults”.  If this has your attention, […]

Squatting is for you too!!

Male doing squats

Squats.  One of the best exercises you can do but, few perform them…..well.  It is one of the most functional activities and is one of the best predictors of performance. With the popularity of cross-fit and social media it is impossible to scroll down without seeing some sort of variation of a squat or someone […]

Fuel Versus Fads

Male and female biker

Race Day Nutrition that Matters You have spent months training, grueling, and preparing for your race this summer. You have planned and prepared as much as you possibly could. Mileage – Check Cross Training – Check Equipment – Check Strategy – Check 9PM the night before the race, you panic as you prepare for race […]

Count ‘Em One, Two, Three: The Female Triad

Simon Biles and other Olympians

What do Michelle Kwan, Simone Biles and Jenny Simpson all have in common? Besides them being obvious powerhouses within their fields, they share the same risk when it comes to succumbing to the “Female Triad”. Figure skating, gymnastics and long-distance running are the top three sports to produce female athletes with low energy availability (with or without […]

What Yanny and Laurel Can Tell Us About Physical Therapy

patient receiving physical therapy

It’s Yanny, and the dress was blue.  Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it’s time to answer the real question that’s been on all our minds – what can we learn about physical therapy from this debate? Wait.  You haven’t been asking that?  Huh.  Well then, moving on… The newest viral illusion […]

Your Glutes Are Firing. I Promise. Part 2

male runner

In part one we touched on the ‘on’ and ‘off’ misnomer used to describe muscle activation regarding the glute med and runners. At this point, we know your glute med is likely an issue, so we do some type of activation technique and reload the system with a simple glute med exercise such as a […]

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